Low level reference documentation of the AQUA Protocol

This section of documentation gets into specific details about the AQUA Protocol and is meant for those doing an implementation or contributing to the Protocol itself.


High level outline of Aqua Protocol (AQP) specification

Identity Protocol

Shows how it is possible to build an identity protocol on top of Aqua using data vaults.

Aqua Name Resolution (ANS)

ANS is used to hashes of various types to human readable names

Assurance Levels (AAL)

Highlights the levels of assurances you can receive by using technology provided in the Aqua reference implementation.

Data Accounting

Introduces the concept of Data Accounting

Data Governance

Introduces the concept of Data Governance

Delegated Witnessing

Describes the process of sending domain snapshots to remote data vaults.

Design Princiciples

Lists the design principles underlying our reference implementation


Shows access and transport layer logic used to interconnect data vaults

Immutable Hyperlinks

Shows how the Aqua URI’s can be used as immutable links.

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